Dollie de Luxe

Dollie de Luxe is a pop-duo who "contains" Benedicte Adrian(f.22.10.1963) and Ingrid Bjørnov(f. 5.12.1963)
Their major breakthrough came in 1980 under the name Dollie with the LP "Første akt", that was given Spellemannsprisen.
They won the Norwegian final in European song-contest in 1984 with the song: "Lenge leve livet".

Thereafter they began experimenting with a mix off Rock&Opera,
in the mid 80s the duo realised a CD they called Rock VS. Opera. This CD proves that this to different arts off music,
can me mixed with a beautiful result.
The main part off this CD is dedicated to a mix off Beatles songs, and the Opera The Magic Flute by Mozart. The most known song here is the mix off "König der Nacht/Satisfaction"
My own personal favourite is the song "Ach, ich fühl`s"
In this song Benedicte Adrian proves for all what fantastic voice she's got.

The duos successful mix off Rock&Opera led to a first version off the musical "Which Witch",
an order to Festspillene in Bergen in 1987.
Afterwards the duo worked on further developing this project,
with concerts and a record version in Norway.
In 1992 the musical was performed in London, something that not an economical success.

In 1994 the girls performed a Norwegian version off Which Witch:"Satans Kvinnfolk" in Holmekollen, Oslo.
Would you like to read more about Witch Which?? Clickhere.

Even after their economic failure, the duo in 1995 created a new and different musical. The new musical was named "Henriette den åttende og hennes seks ektemenn". The picture over here is from that musical. Here we see Henriette and Espen (Benedicte Adrian and Sven Nordin) in major flirt/dance.
The musical begins with its grieving time in Sagablott, an aircastle in Romerriket.
The late King Henrik has in his will, demanded that his only ere, the spoiled princess Henriette,
can't be crowned as queen before she is married.
With a small print it says, that she will have to marry before the time runs out, and with even smaller letters it says that her husband to be can not be a prince.

The Horse Trave is sent out in the wide world to find a suiting husband for the princess.
But Henriettes server, Krinoline(Who really is Ridder Gjenferds old drake from Soria Moria),
does her best to stop the princess getting a non-royal husband, because Krinoline can't stand happiness and harmony.

But what the princess does not know, is that it rests a frog curse over her head
This is a very special curse. If the princess kisses a prince, he will turn into a frog.
The Horse Trave returns with one man after the other, but none that the princess can marry.
After many men asking for her hand, time is running out for the princess......and she risks having to marry Hoffmarskalk Mørk.
But then faith intervenes.............................
The princess has a secret admirer in Væpner Syver, and he succeeds by using his humour and charm to win the Princess and Romerriket
Marriage is celebrated, and babies keep coming.....................................

The picture underneath here is from the song "Død og pine"

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